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October 26, 2019

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Free Construction Images – Energy from Waste – Power Plant during construction

Below you can find some of the royalty free construction images. I took this photos during my first construction project. It was an energy from waste power plant near London, England. The nature of the energy from waste is that it incinerates waste and produces power and heat.

I worked for over two years on that project and I saw it from the very early stages to commissioning. At that time I worked for a mechanical contractor. We we were responsible for pre-assembly and installation of huge steel components of the energy from waste plant. These were waste chutes, air and flue gas ducts, ash hoppers and others.

I was supporting the construction management team, mainly site manager and quality manager. We did a lot of welding on site and use 500t mobile cranes to install some of the elements which weighted over 70t. 

After six months I moved to another company that just started on the same project and I’ve been with them 10 years now. We were providing thermal insulation works for hot equipment – three lines of incineration – boilers, grate hoppers, ash conveyors, flue gas treatment system, air ducts, flue gas ducts, tanks, fans, etc. 




I took this photo at the top of the main boiler room steel structure. What you can see there is a view of Thames River. Further away there is a stack of unused power plant and far in the background there is Queen Elisabeth II bridge over the Thames.






Free Photos from Construction Projects – Biomass Plant in Lincolnshire

This was another project where we worked as thermal insulation contractor. We provided insulation of biomass boiler, air ducts, FGT system, pipes, fans and other hot elements. 




Free photos from construction projects – Tunnel Works







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