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The construction app for your daily reports

Built to help small and large construction companies with their site reporting process. iNeoSyte improves construction management and allows you to collect and organise your field documents. Find out why it is important to keep records from your construction site.

Site Audit

Create inspection reports from your iPhone or iPad with our daily reports app

Automatic weather data

Download weather information automatically

Workforce information

Add details about your workers, trades or subcontractors.

Add and mark-up photos

Take photos from your site and add any annotation or mark-up

Log issues and observations

Make notes about any issues or observations

Snagging Lists

Add and track items in your snagging list and support it with photographic evidence

Share reports in PDF

Create professional PDF reports and share them with your team or with your client

Store reports in the cloud

Archive and manage your site reports safely in the cloud. Access from anywhere and from any device.

Why choose iNeoSyte?

We’ve designed iNeoSyte with a very clear target in mind: help both managers and team members work better through the project.

It saves up to hundreds of hours spent on completing or browsing site documents.


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Choose the pricing plan that suits your requirements


£14.99 or $19.99

per month. For up to 5 users - Ideal for small contractors, subcontractors, developers or investors

All Starter Plan features

create site reports with notes and photos

share reports via Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

For up to 5 users per company

Most suitable for smaller contractors

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£34.99 or $49.99

Per month. For up to 20 users - Perfect for larger contractors, main contractors, developers or investors

everything from Basic Plan

up to 20 users

create site reports with notes and photos

generate professional PDF reports

most suitable for larger contractors

I want to know more about Advanced Plan


On request

Comprehensive coverage for bespoke requirements. Perfect for large contractors and main contractors.

Everything from Advanced package plus more features

task management

team collaboration

customised templates and features

analytics and statistics platform

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£8.49 or $9.99

per month. Ideal for self-employed. See how you can improve your site management

create site reports with notes and photos

annotate and mark-up photos

generate professional PDF reports

store reports in the cloud

share reports via Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

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What our clients say about our daily reports app

  • Great App

    We have been using Ineo for several months now and it really is a great tool for compiling your daily site report requirements

    It’s efficient and simple to use and the developers are always on hand should you need any guidance or advice

    We will continue to use the app throughout our ongoing projects and also any future ones

    By Dan Wynn for Version 4.0.15
  • Already using it for a year

    I’ve waited quite long before I decided to give my opinion about iNeoSyte. I’m a mechanical engineer and I service wind turbines across England and Scotland. This app made my work so much better. My customers can review the reports for turbine maintenance. After periodical inspections they go back to previous audits and can easily compare asset information. It not only brings more value for them but also gives them almost real time insights to my field inspections. I wished there wasn’t a photo limit per observation but somehow I can live with it. There were some days when the app didn’t synchronise my work properly. I think I lost one or two reports out of a few hundreds. It’s still great tool in my toolbox. I would really recommend this app to anyone in file services.
    By Carl.massy for Version 4.0.15
  • Good tool for my daily site audits

    I do job site audits and I need to report almost every day on what’s happening in the field and this app made my life easier. It’s very convenient and clear on how to report specific things. I can note any job issues, obstruction and add it to PDF document.
    By Andrew Manning for Version 4.0.11
  • Superb technology for construction sites

    I was very sceptical when my bosses told me i needed to use some tablet and app to do my job. I was doing alright with old system. A few days later understood it was gamechanger. Whenever on my site walk I can take snaps of the boys work and write any issues which you have plenty on every site. I was drawling in paperwork before but now it's fast and better. Just remember to do risk assessment for worki with tablet on site. Keep it safe!
    By Mike-supervisor for Version 4.0.8
  • Best daily reporting app which I found so far

    I tried a few apps for daily reports and I have found that iNeoSyte is the best so far. Very easy setup without lengthy registration and intuitive interface helped me get familiar with the app pretty quickly. As an owner of small contracting company it is crucial for me to keep track of our works progress just for internal company needs and also to share the details with our customers iNeoSytes makes it easy to make daily reports and to send them by email. Instead of wondering what was done on the job site few days ago I Can check daily reports and see if we have ongoing problems. Very useful for construction works.
    By Allanplumbingservices for Version 4.0.8
  • Cool app for every day field reports

    Use every day, very handy for field reports.
    By field enginneer1988 for Version 4.0.8
  • Brilliant App that’s changed the way we work

    iNeoSyte has changed the way we record all of our information on site on a daily basis.
    As a site manager I use it everyday to record daily progress and events.
    At least half of the observations are made while walking the site (mostly using the dictation microphone in iPhone keypad) and adding photos as I go.
    The PDF reports that are generated straight from the app are superb. Really professional and well laid out and an excellent record of the days events.
    The App has the convenience of being able to send the report by email to either pre set email addresses or share via email apps or as we do, save to Dropbox straight from the the phone. This is then shared throughout relevant parties within the company.

    The support is also excellent. We have had a couple of questions about how to get the best out of iNeoSyte and also a few suggestions of ways it would work well for us. I have had reply’s and feedback within a day or two each time. (And one of our suggestions was added into a recent update).

    If your a site manager or responsible for recording information on the progress on Construction projects I can’t recommend this app enough. It is well worth the monthly cost.

    By Si-Moan for Version 4.0.8

Download iNeoSyte - Daily Reports App

Collect and organise your construction reports

iNeoSyte – daily reports app – helps you in doing daily reports, field inspections or site audits directly from your mobile device. Create projects, add observations, mark-up your photos and share your reports with the team or archive them in the cloud.

General FAQ


What is a daily reports app in construction?

It’s a mobile app that helps you record construction site activities like issues, delays, work progress, weather, amount of workers with a mobile phone or a tablet.

What’s the best app for daily reports in construction?

iNeoSyte is simple yet effective daily reports app that helps construction professionals in making construction documentation directly in the field.