Powerful Construction Management

The construction app for your daily reports

Built to help small and large construction companies with their site reporting process. iNeoSyte improves construction management and allows you to collect and organise your field documents.

Site Audit

Create inspection reports from your iPhone or iPad

Automatic weather data

Download weather information automatically

Workforce information

Add details about your workers, trades or subcontractors.

Add and mark-up photos

Take photos from your site and add any annotation or mark-up

Log issues and observations

Make notes about any issues or observations

Snagging Lists

Add and track items in your snagging list and support it with photographic evidence

Share reports in PDF

Create professional PDF reports and share them with your team or with your client

Store reports in the cloud

Archive and manage your site reports safely in the cloud. Access from anywhere and from any device.

Why choose iNeoSyte?

We’ve designed iNeoSyte with a very clear target in mind: help both managers and team members work better through the project.

It saves up to hundreds of hours spent on completing or browsing site documents.

iNeoSyte Screenshots

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Choose the pricing plan that suits your requirements


£5.99 or $8.49

per month. Ideal for self-employed. See how you can improve your site management

create site reports with notes and photos

annotate and mark-up photos

generate professional PDF reports

store reports in the cloud

share reports via Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

I want Free Trial for Starter Plan


£9.99 or $14.49

per month. For up to 5 users - Ideal for small contractors, subcontractors, developers or investors

All Starter Plan features

create site reports with notes and photos

share reports via Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

For up to 5 users per company

Most suitable for smaller contractors

I want Free Trial for Basic Plan


£34.99 or $49.99

Per month. For up to 20 users - Perfect for larger contractors, main contractors, developers or investors

everything from Basic Plan

up to 20 users

create site reports with notes and photos

generate professional PDF reports

most suitable for larger contractors

I want to know more about Advanced Plan


On request

Comprehensive coverage for bespoke requirements. Perfect for large contractors and main contractors.

Everything from Advanced package plus more features

task management

team collaboration

customised templates and features

analytics and statistics platform

I want to know more about Customised Plan

Download iNeoSyte - Daily Reports App

Collect and organise your construction reports

iNeoSyte helps you in doing daily reports, field inspections or site audits directly from your mobile device. Create projects, add observations, mark-up your photos and share your reports with the team or archive them in the cloud.