How to manage timesheets with our daily reports app

Construction Management Software Tutorial: How to manage timesheets with iNeoSyte – daily reports app iNeoSyte mobile reports app allows construction professionals and other trades to manage their timesheets. Recording information about your workforce is an important element of your reports so you should remember to include it. Timesheets, Labour Returns or Allocation Sheets are all […]

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13 best construction apps in 2021 for better construction management

Best construction apps help us improve productivity within the construction industry. How did we live without all this technology around us? How did we carry out our daily construction management duties without mobile technologies like smartphones or tablets? It was not impossible,  but it was different and definitely more difficult. Nowadays we can choose from […]

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Construction Management Software – How to search through multiple PDF files?

How to search through multiple PDF files especially if you’re part of Construction Management team? We’ll try to answer that question as thoroughly as possible in this blog post. Having Constructing Management Software is a necessity for any contractor that wants to keep up with the trends and stay competitive. There are numerous advantages which […]

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iNeoSyte - construction management app

Importance of daily records and construction site field reports

Why is it important to keep daily records, reports or site diary at your construction site? We need construction site records for several reasons, these are a few which we will discuss in this post: Construction site records may be used for your own protection in disputes Keeping field records may be beneficial for your […]

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Case study: How daily reports saved us over $100,000 for our construction project

You may wonder how this is possible, but in fact daily reports helped us to save over $100,000. A few years ago the company I worked for was contracted with insulation works at energy from waste plant in England. Tendering process was tough and the competition was undercutting prices all the time. However, we managed […]

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