Construction daily report template

    Daily report template is always handy for the management of your construction projects. It works for self-employed one-person company or a larger contractor with hundreds of employees. Different companies in different countries use various daily report templates and we will give you two examples. A good daily report template should include several items. […]

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How to manage timesheets with our daily reports app

Construction Management Software Tutorial: How to manage timesheets with iNeoSyte – daily reports app iNeoSyte mobile reports app allows construction professionals and other trades to manage their timesheets. Recording information about your workforce is an important element of your reports so you should remember to include it. Timesheets, Labour Returns or Allocation Sheets are all […]

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13 best construction apps in 2021 for better construction management

Best construction apps help us improve productivity within the construction industry. How did we live without all this technology around us? How did we carry out our daily construction management duties without mobile technologies like smartphones or tablets? It was not impossible,  but it was different and definitely more difficult. Nowadays we can choose from […]

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Construction Management Software – How to search through multiple PDF files?

How to search through multiple PDF files especially if you’re part of Construction Management team? We’ll try to answer that question as thoroughly as possible in this blog post. Having Constructing Management Software is a necessity for any contractor that wants to keep up with the trends and stay competitive. There are numerous advantages which […]

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How to improve productivity at your construction site

How to improve productivity at your construction site in 3 simple ways

How to improve productivity at your construction site in 3 simple ways Working at a construction site is not easy by itself. You have to work with different people, you deal with various weather conditions, you manage your deliveries and subcontractors. What is more, you struggle through hundreds if not thousands of construction site related […]

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Free construction images

This part of our website will work as the gallery for free construction images. Please credit us by linking to our website. We don’t want any payment. Just a link to our main website. Free Construction Images – Energy from Waste – Power Plant during construction Below you can find some of the royalty free […]

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Construction Manager App

Construction manager app should be a tool that helps site managers with their daily duties at the construction site. What are these duties? Can all be done with the support of a mobile app? What makes a good site manager app? We will try to answer these questions in the present blog post. During my […]

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iNeoSyte - construction management app

Importance of daily records and construction site field reports

Why is it important to keep daily records, reports or site diary at your construction site? We need construction site records for several reasons, these are a few which we will discuss in this post: Construction site records may be used for your own protection in disputes Keeping field records may be beneficial for your […]

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5 most important items to include in your site reports

5 most important items to include in your site daily reports Last time we published the article about the importance of daily record keeping on your construction site. You can read there why it is crucial to maintain daily records where you are a GRC cladding contractor or prefabricated garden office supplier. Today, we want […]

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Daily Reports App – recent updates April 2019

Daily Reports App – updates from the recent months We’ve decided to write this blog post to let you know about our recent update within iNeoSyte – Daily Reports App. Not everything is visible and obvious straight away. Therefore, we hope that this post can familiarise you with what has been going on when it […]

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Case study: How daily reports saved us over $100,000 for our construction project

You may wonder how this is possible, but in fact daily reports helped us to save over $100,000. A few years ago the company I worked for was contracted with insulation works at energy from waste plant in England. Tendering process was tough and the competition was undercutting prices all the time. However, we managed […]

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Construction History – old pictures of Tower Bridge

Construction Innovation History – old pictures of Tower Bridge Welcome in another series of our blog posts. In this category, we would like to present old construction pictures. In order to start with something that everyone can recognise we would like to show you building of Tower Bridge in London. In 2011 Peter Berthoud’s neighbour found […]

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Helicopter assisted installation of spires on a skyscraper

Helicopter assisted installation of spires on a skyscraper Hey, welcome to our blog. We’re going to publish a lot of interesting articles regarding construction management, innovation in construction and some cool construction topics in general. As this is the first post we don’t want it to be too long. Just watch and enjoy the installation […]

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