Case study: How daily reports saved us over $100,000 for our construction project

You may wonder how this is possible, but in fact daily reports helped us to save over $100,000. A few years ago the company I worked for was contracted with insulation works at energy from waste plant in England. Tendering process was tough and the competition was undercutting prices all the time. However, we managed […]

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10 best construction app for 2018

12 best construction apps in 2018 for innovative managers – updated

How did we live without all this technology around us? How did we carry out our daily construction management duties without mobile technologies like smartphones or tablets? It was not impossible,  but it was different and definitely more difficult. It is even more troublesome now to select the right construction app for your needs. We […]

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iNeoSyte - construction management app

Importance of daily records and construction site field reports

Why is it important to keep daily reports or job site log at your construction site? In our previous blog posts we already gave you 3 most crucial reasons for keeping site records. It looks that we touched on the above subject, however, we are being asked why it is important to keep job site […]

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